UUC Gains Full Accreditation


 “Accreditation is the reaffirmation of God's calling for UUC to be a Christian educational institution committed to overcoming language, mobility, and financial barriers to prepare students to serve God effectively in their locations and vocations.  Accreditation objectively affirms the quality of UUC's education and it also binds us to keep improving ourselves.”


2016 Module II, Spring


Announcement: Course Offerings for Spring 2016, Module 2

(The module will begin on March 28)

Two courses will be offered in Spring 2016, Module 2. If you plan to take the course(s) below, please buy the required text(s) of the course(s). You can buy these texts from Amazon.com

UUC’s Growing Presence in the Philippines

Because of its online classes and affordability, Union University of California has a reach well beyond the borders of the USA and Vietnam.   It is increasingly becoming a presence in a dozen or so countries, including Africa and other countries of Asia such as Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines.